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Bedroom Renovation Toronto

Building your dream home can be overwhelming.

Let us take care of every detail for you 

Our Services

 How much will this cost? 

Do I need a bigger lot?

What permits do I need to apply for?

What is in style?

Leveraging our experience building custom homes and network of vetted partners, we'll help you figure all of this out and work with you to create the perfect plan to make your vision become a reality.
Contractor Toronto

Land and Permit Acquisition

Our team includes dedicated professionals who will locate and secure properties specific to your needs. We even have exclusive access to public and off-market properties to ensure we identify the right fit for you. Our team will ensure you are protected against potential downfalls associated with soil conditions, City restrictions, easement and encroachment difficulties, forestry limitations etc, and consult you on the design & construction implications as may be imposed by items specific to this property location, and aid with the documentation to be shared with the City for permit approval.


We will join you during your lot hunting at chosen locations to consult on Zoning, Trees and Grading, Utilities and any potential difficulties/specifics.

Design & Build

Backed by years of experience, we have established a name for ourselves in Toronto. Over time, we have identified and fostered strong associations with the leading architects, interior designers and engineers. We work seamlessly with these experts to guarantee your plan for your custom home comes to fruition in the most efficient and perfect way.


During the creativity stage, we will consult you on practicality and feasibility of any aspect of the design.

Custom Home Design Toronto

Construction Management

Our experience has helped us establish precise and easy-to-use management processes. We will take care of each aspect of construction management including:

  • Establishing and controlling the budget and schedule

  • Sharing tenders for subtrades and materials

  • Managing all subtrades as well as deliveries

  • Quality control

  • Checking health & safety standards (with WSIB)

  • Collecting warranties, including registering for the TARION warranty

Construction Engineer Toronto
Custom Home Toronto

Budget & Schedule

Not only will we make your dream house a reality but we can also aid with the necessary financing and loan options. We’ll create the right plan of action for you, based on your needs and budget.

Custom Pool


You can opt for an extended property maintenance service specific to your property needs. This will take away the stress and frustration associated with the chore of ensuring your dream home remains in its pristine condition. 

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